TED talk on 3D printing

As you know, I am extremely enthusiastic about 3D printing, and all the possibilities it offers.

I just discovered this TED talk, and I do notl no doubt it will  convince you about how exciting 3d printing (aka additive manufacturing) has become.

  • 3D printing allows the production of very intricate designs that are not possible with standard technology: hollow designs, moving parts that do not require assembly, etc.
  • It can build small objects (current minimum resolution: 5 microns) to macroscopic objects (>3 meters)
  • It can reduce transportation costs.
  • It allows heavy customisation of objects without affecting production costs.

The number of use is expanding rapidly: from quick prototyping to furniture, to medical protheses, to mechanical parts, to works of arts/jewels… the list goes on.

Are you as excited as I am?

3D-printed jewels
3D-printed customised jewels, made on-demand